Thursday, May 1, 2008

May flowers

We're still having showers even though April's over. In fact, right now the low evening sun is streaming in one side of my studio while it's raining and thundering and flashing lightning on the other. Crazy spring weather! We do have the proverbial May flowers, however, which are making the bees very industrious indeed..

Happy May Day!


Rima said...

Ooh you've got bees over here too!
Happy may day to you too Christa xx

Mmm said...

I love these pics and your site! Ahhh... to be designer in London! I'm a designer too and from there but moved away as a young adult. you can tell you're in your profession--very nice site you have here. Bravo.

Blog Princess G said...

Beautiful pictures. I can almost hear the gentle drone of that bumble bee.

Anonymous said...

those flower pics are so refreshing!

Silverdale flowers

willow said...

Oh wisteria! Lovely. I bought myself one this spring at the garden center. It's already several feet tall and covered with blooms...and yes, the bees are crazy about it.

Crista Noel Smith said...

Thank you all.. our wisteria covers the entire front of the house and grows like gangbusters in the summer. I'll have to get a picture while it's still blooming.