Sunday, May 4, 2008

knit one

We've had a weekend of no-jacket weather, which for some reason has put me in a knitting mood. I spent part of the evening looking for a nice structured wrap pattern and have had absolutely no luck. Either I'm one of the pickiest people alive or 99 percent of knitting patterns are terrifyingly awful. Can anyone explain this to me..?


I think I may just make something up, which is what my very talented sister does and her projects always turn out swimmingly.

Speaking of raccoons, my family was once intimidated by a raccoon in our own back yard. We were out on the patio playing board games one night and it stared us down with such an evil intensity we all considered making a run for it. They're not as cute as they look, raccoons.


Rowan said...

If I had this jumper, I would wear it every day without fail!

brie aku sefakor said...


One has no words... ;)

Crista Noel Smith said...

Rowan, I know where to get the knitting pattern if you're interested.

Joel Stewart said...

I want one with a badger on.

BeverlyKayeGallery said...

Personally, I think raccoons belong in the woods and not on people's clothing. Have you ever seen the program "What Not to Wear"? They would do an entire segment on a sweater such as this!
Love your 4th of July's brilliant!

Crista Noel Smith said...

Thanks! I'm sure they'd have a heyday with it!

Anonymous said...

As a retired zookeeper who has worked as a park ranger, I am lusting for this sweater.