Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's spring!

...which today meant we had sun, wind, snow and sleet followed by an afternoon that was freezing and grey. The plum blossoms are out at the end of the street though, and I got to spend my day looking at mummies, prosthetic limbs, phrenology heads and other wonderful things in the Wellcome Collection:

Henry Wellcome and his astounding mustache.

a Peruvian mummy

Untitled, 2004 by Michael Hopkins


willowmanor said...

I find these kinds of things so interesting. If you are ever in Philadelphia, you would enjoy the Mutter Museum. It's a cold spring in the midwestern US, too!

Rima said...

Happy Spring Christa.. from a snowy Scotland. What lovely grizzly things and I do like that fiddle-dancing leprechaun .... is it one of those jig dolls?

Crista Noel Smith said...

Ahh.. I'm a fan of the Mutter Museum! I have a great book about the soap lady.

The leprechaun is from a 1959 film which used trick photography to make the actors playing leprechauns appear small. I do like jig dolls though.

Happy spring to you both!