Monday, June 25, 2007

around Prague with a fork

I was told Prague is a difficult place for vegetarians. I prepared myself for a week of fried cheese and halušky (spaetzel), but was pleasantly surprised. Amidst an ocean of pizza joints (the mind boggles at the Czech obsession with pizza) I found Country Life, an organic vegetarian oasis selling massive salads, home made soup, and lovely veggie dishes.

Coffee is (for the most part) very good and incredibly cheap, so much so that buying a cappuccino at the airport when I got home caused physical pain. I found an ice cream parlor with mountains of ice cream and sorbet topped with actual ingredients (sliced limes crowning a hillock of lime sorbet), and which didn't charge extra for sizeable waffle cones. It was next to the Sex Machines Museum, so perhaps it caters to a niche market..

I also stumbled on a very nice little restaraunt on top of Petrin Hill, with good food and a beautiful view of the city:

view of Prague from Petrin Hill

By far the best place I found (well, I can't claim credit.. Max took me there) was the Dobrá čajovna (the Good Tea Room) off Wenceclas Square. Feast your eyes on the tea menu, which offers teas "for drinking when you return from a walk in a park at twilight" and "to drink by the fireplace while puffing on a pipe." If they had had a library I would have moved in on the spot.

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