Saturday, October 15, 2016

Memento mori day trip

This year's weird October road trip included a visit to Edgar Allan Poe's house and grave, the final resting places of Johnny Eck, sideshow performer and star of Freaks, and Ouija board inventor Elijah Bond, lavender milkshakes at Papermoon Diner, John Waters' favorite bookstore, and oddity shopping at Bazaar.
Poe's house in Baltimore, where he wrote Berenice, and other stories
Poe's memorial grave, Westminster Hall Burying Ground
Westminster Hall, Baltimore
a crypt in Westminster Hall Burying Ground
a statue in Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore
Johnny Eck and his twin brother Robert,
both buried in Green Mount cemetery
Sadly, one place I would have loved to visit on my weird day out, the Shipley-Lydecker house in Baltimore, no longer stands:
built in 1903, the design of its facade was lifted almost wholesale by
Imagineer Ken Anderson for the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland

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