Sunday, August 26, 2012

days off from Narnia

After my earlier post catching up on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe puppet making, I wanted to share some pictures from my (very few and far between) days off from the Narnia workshop:

tea and homemade Battenburg cake at the Farnham Maltings Vintage Fair

a black sheep at the Coram's Fields City Farm in London, round the corner
from our rehearsal hall at the London Welsh Centre

Solo the chicken asking to be let in to my friends' Wiltshire cottage

when a problem comes along, you must whippet!

Salisbury Plain, taken on a day trip to Stonehenge  and Bath with my aunt and
uncle and a coach full of high school students visiting from the States

despite living in relative proximity for years, this was my first trip
to Stonehenge since I was fifteen

view of Bath Abbey from inside the Roman Baths

Bath architecture

angels climbing Jacob's Ladder on Bath Abbey

the Royal Crescent in Bath

toy model double-decker bus at the Science Museum in London

grinning wooden sign at the "Dickens and London" exhibition, Museum of London

James Watt's workshop at the Science Museum, London

a cyanotype at the Victoria and Albert museum

England, green and pleasant

despite what one might think, Easter was not a day off in Narnia...
the Easter Bunny did show up to bring us chocolate though!

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