Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

to my sister the Cheezelady, with love.


brie aku sefakor said...


thank you. thank you. :)

leelee said...

That’s a great shot of your family at the beach. That little gal is just a cutie pie and her suit’s adorable. Have you ever noticed that kids light up like light bulbs when they go to the sea shore. I have to admit I get pretty excited when I hit the sand and surf myself. I think the beach brings out the wily kid in all of us. I recently was checking out the net. photo art . I found out that it has huge sections on art and photography. I thought you had to see good photos on a gallery, or museum wall. I was wrong; good sharp clear photos never go out of style. I especially love her impish smile surrounded by a blue green sea. Where was that taken? The water is so gorgeous it looks like the Pacific Ocean. Gosh that water is so inviting that I could jump in for a virtual swim. Good job!