Friday, May 30, 2008

spelunking in the closet

I suddenly realized I leave to go to the States in about a week and a half. I'm trying to be very very productive in the interim. Much exciting progress is being made on my current projects (hurrah!), but I keep needing little odds and ends.. bits of metal, tiny fixings, and today I needed some pieces of fur. Unfortunately my bits of (vintage, not new) scrap fur live in the back of my closet, which, unlike most British closets, is cavernous. I had to crawl to the very back of it to dig out the box I needed. A miner's lamp would have been helpful.

(the piece of fur in question)

I also got a beautiful print in the post from the very talented Rima, which you can see here. Thank you, Rima!


brie aku sefakor said...

you've moved on to fur!?! that's awfully exciting. :)

willow said...

Any hints as to what your project is like? I'm so curious.

I got one of Rima's wonderful prints, too. Love it.

Rima said...

I'm curious too :)
V glad you like the bottled witch... thanks for the nice words :)
x R