Sunday, May 18, 2008

out and about

I was lucky enough to have my beautiful sister and her boyfriend visiting this past week. We braved sun and rain and cobblestones, filled our bellies with tasty food and managed to spot some famous people. It was Ryan's first time in London.. doesn't he look happy?

(photos courtesy of Brie and Ryan)

I'd be even more sad that they've gone except I'll get to see everyone in a month when I go home to visit. I miss you guys already.. hope the jet lag isn't too bad. I love you!


brie aku sefakor said...

Mmmmmm, Pimm's. He does look happy! We continued our European vacation Sunday morning when we woke up at 5:45A! I gifted him his fixed bike and we rode down through Willo to Matt's Big Breakfast. A tiny little diner that only serves local, organic goodness... I gorked out on a spicy apple-sausage and Gouda omelette with Cave Creek coffee. Delicious!!

Crista Noel Smith said...

That sounds amazing! Can we go when I come home? Glad you two got back safely. I really did have a great time with you guys :)

willow said...

I can see that these two lovely ladies look very much like their mother! ;)