Sunday, April 20, 2008

a word to the wise...

I've put off writing about this for quite a while, but after spending another few hours trying to bend my computer's operating system to my will I feel the need to share a warning.

As a self-employed artist working to launch a web-based business my computer is my life. A few months ago I had to replace my much loved laptop as its many eccentricities had worsened with age. I desperately wanted to avoid switching to Vista, so much so that I considered switching from PC to Mac. The computer which had all the features I wanted was only available with Vista, and so I conceded defeat.

I love my new computer. It's fast and powerful and the graphics are great. The only problem I've had is that Vista is terrible. I cannot organize files and images the way I'd like because Vista won't allow it. It blocks access to basic files, even if I am logged on as an administrator. It crashes my web browser. It eats drivers. It is incompatible with software it claims to support. I have lived with temperamental computers before, but Vista's failings plague me on an almost daily basis. Today it ate the driver for my volume control, and frankly that's the last straw. If you are looking for a new PC I would strongly suggest trying to find one that will still run on XP, otherwise switch to Mac. As for myself I will be looking into a change to the Linux Ubuntu OS. If anyone is currently running Linux and has any advice please let me know.

In happier news, we've been enjoying a lovely spring day. The sun is streaming in the windows, and I watched a bird with a worm happily hopping along the wall outside the kitchen window while I was having breakfast.

You can just see the worm in its beak, and the wisteria is about to burst into bloom!


Blog Princess G said...

Your warning is well taken. Thank you.... also for the lovely shot of the wisteria along the wall. Does is have a scent?

willow said...

There's nothing as frustrating as PC troubles. Sorry, I have no great words of wisdom in that area. Hope you get it all fixed soon.

I just bought a wisteria at the garden center last week. It even has little blooms, ready to open.

audric said...

Wisteria has a very full bodied honey sweet fragrance. Close to a gardenia. The bees love it!

Mmm said...

I recently got VIsta too and hate it. It keeps popping my text indicator all over the place. I have a mac at work too which i love oh so much more even if it is old.

What kind of web business, btw?

Crista Noel Smith said...

I'm slowly taming Vista.. uphill battle.

I'm working on setting up a site to sell my work. Should be up soon!