Thursday, December 27, 2007


(illus. by Edward Gorey, 1994)
(my new old 1920s kimono)
We're deep into the post-Christmas lazy days here. Today I'm going to a screening of Jim Henson's fantastic puppet film Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas at the arts center and then to a VIP tour of the Jim Henson exhibition. I got lots of knee socks for Christmas.. I know it sounds boring, but I'm really excited about them.


Dilettante said...

I personally find knee socks *very* exciting :) Esp when combined with cute shoes!

What's that book there - illustrated by Edward Gorey? I love Gorey!!

Just randomly came across your blog so, um yeah - hi! Hope you had a great Xmas!

Crista Noel Smith said...

Hello and thanks! I got some new cute shoes yesterday and am currently wearing them with knee high argyles. Contented feet.

Gorey is great, and it's a lovely little book...
and a very merry Christmas to you too!

Rowan said...

oh yes by the way-
they were delicious, thankyou.