Sunday, December 23, 2007

ghosts of Christmas past

I suppose the jetlag is officially over when the insomia kicks in. I had a very good day.. I got to play with my sisters and some friends, drive home with the huge moon hanging over the desert while singing loudly to the car radio, and eat freshly baked Chrismas cookies barefoot in a middle-of-the-night kitchen. Not sleeping is a small price to pay.

And this is quite lovely, too.

Happy Christmas Eve!


Brilig said...

It would make my Christmas if my parents could find a few picture from Christmas past - say 1973, that was a good one. Thank goodness for red roller skates... and Hot Wheel cars and Scalelectrix. I bet you have still have them.

Crista Noel Smith said...

The roller skates were the best! I think my parents wish I didn't have a lot of that stuff.. most of it still lives at their house.