Friday, July 20, 2007

the rain in Spain

Today I went out in rain so heavy I felt like I'd forded a river up to my thighs. My feet stayed bone dry however, due to some damn fine footwear. God bless German cobblers. On the bus three older ladies were having an earnest conversation about the soaps of their youth. One was remembering the masses of lather she could muster washing her hair with a bar and some rainwater. It made me want to wash my hair in the rain.

My work table finally has a top, which I had cut in a place which was also selling "cheery MDF." I was tempted.

Tomorrow might be a cookie baking day, I think.. (yawns) ..and so to bed.


Rowan said...

Wow, I have been hearing about all this rain. How wet? It's fairly normally damp here.

Save me some cookies!

Crista Noel Smith said...

I went out to get the bus and the street was running like a river. Some of the tube stations flooded.

Hope you're having a very lovely weekend.. thing are quiet here without you.