Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sturm und drang

I have had a dreadful day, but went out in a squall and got intentionally soaked which made me feel better. And I bought chocolate. And now I'm making macaroni and cheese, and plan on doing some wallowing while reading the Guardian. A well-rounded plan, me thinks.


Joel Stewart said...

Very well rounded, especially the macaroni.

I sent, to continue the intentional soaking theme. Was that soaking the one that came just about an hour ago (in the north here, anyway) it was a good one.

Last year I made a dry joel shape on the Atlas Mews cobbles in a storm that had been coming for weeks.

Joel Stewart said...

I mean to say I sent ducks...

Rowan said...

I wallowed with the Guardian today too! It was yesterdays paper though - slightly unfortunate.

Thanks for passing the message on about your students' exhibition tomorrow night. I'm most likely not going to be able to come, but thanks for the thought.

Hope to see you hanging around here soon!